Hydrolite® 7 green - Clear Step Ahead

   Hydrolite® 7 green - Clear Step Ahead


This unique revolutionary
new green multifunctional
offers a leap into the future


A result of years of research & development, Symrise offers an exclusive, 100% bio-based liquid multifunctional: Hydrolite® 7 green. The only 7-carbon 1,2-alkanediol on the market!
Derived from sustainably sourced castor oil, this ingredient presents exceptional qualities and multiple benefits for consumers and formulations. Not only it extends the shelf life of products by enhancing product protection, it further helps to protect formulations, the skin, and the environment. Hydrolite® 7 green is our response to not only today’s consumers’ wishes, but tomorrow’s, as well.



Up to


reduction of oxidation

Up to


reduction of sebum



increase of emulsion



“We continue to demonstrate our commitment to innovation,
sustainability, green transformation of cosmetic ingredients, and to the
evolving needs of customers and consumers. We are proud to present
this latest member of our portfolio of quality products”

-Dr. Balint Koroskenyi, Global Product Manager,
Cosmetic Ingredients



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