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SKIN FIRMING - Say Goodbye to Orange-Peel Skin

Cellulite is the appearance of uneven, lumpy and flabby skin, most commonly on the hips, thighs and buttocks affecting almost 90 percent of women but also men. Many different factors can lead to the appearance of cellulite. The visible unpleasant phenomenon occurs when there is a change in fat distribution or metabolism resulting in a variation in structure of fat cells and connective tissue.

With SymFit® Symrise has developed a revolutionary approach to smooth and prevent the appearance of cellulite in 3 different ways: It promotes fat burning, helps reducing lipid uptake and supports slowing down the formation of new fat cells. SymFit® products provide visible results on reducing the appearance of cellulite! Sym3D® complements our skin firming portfolio with visible plumping effects.


SymFit® 1617 – Anti-Cellulite Revolution

INCI: Trimethylcyclohexyl Butylcarbamate

  • Patented synthetic compound
  • Supports slowing down the appearance of new fat cells (in-vitro)
  • Beneficial to protect from the incorporation of fat (in-vitro)
  • Involved in enhancing fat burning - as effective as caffeine (in-vitro)
  • Helps to reduce the size of fat cells (ex-vivo)
  • Visibly smoothes the appearance of adipose tissue thickness (in-vivo)
  • Visibly improves the appearance of fat-nodes effect (in-vivo)
  • Colorless to pale yellow clear liquid
  • Oil-soluble


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Sym3D® – Advanced Skin Plumping Ingredient

INCI: Hydroxymethoxyphenyl Propylmethylmethoxybenzofuran

  • Nature-inspired patented isoeugenol derivative
  • Naturally occurs in the essential oil of clove
  • Promotes the formation of new fat cells (in-vitro, ex-vivo)
  • Smoothes fine lines, wrinkles and creases (in-vivo)
  • Visible lip plumping results in 4 weeks (in-vivo)
  • Visibly brings volumes wherever needed (in-vivo)
  • Pale white to white liquid
  • Oil-soluble
  • Food grade - suitable for oral care


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