SymSave® 5E – Pure convenience!

   SymSave® 5E – Pure convenience!


BRAND NEW: A liquid version of SymSave® H makes
the formulation process easier than ever before!


In recent years, SymSave® H has consistently grown in popularity as a modern micro protection ingredient that is safe and effective. Most importantly, SymSave® H has good efficacy against yeasts and molds. Now, we offer the ingredient to you as a liquid blend . Benefits for the formulator include:

  • Save time → No pre-solubilization required!
  • Save money  Multiple benefits in one convenient blend!




105% CAGR*

Compound Annual Growth
Rate of formulations
containing SymSave® H
between 2015-2020

60% NOC

Made with 60%
natural origin
content ingredients


10 seconds

 The time it takes to
add SymSave® 5E
to your formulation




 “Product Protection has never been easier: We now offer SymSave® H as a
water-soluble, liquid blend that offers all of the benefits you love about
SymSave® H but makes formulation simpler than ever. Additionally, this
blend contains only ingredients that have been tested at Symrise to
respect the microbiome. It is the perfect modern product protection
solution you can virtually use in any application type.”

-Dr. Sabrina Behnke, Senior Global Product Manager, Cosmetic Ingredients


*Source: Mintel