Transparency and Minimalism 

  Transparency and Minimalism


In practice, minimalism is a philosophy that focuses on one idea: DO MORE WITH LESS!


With the trend of Clean Beauty comes a desire for more transparency with regards to ingredients. The consumer is skeptical of long ingredient lists and as a result, a growing number of brands are catering towards the new desire for simplicity while also delivering an enjoyable in-use experience. Symrise’s Multifunctionals are the perfect fit for a formulator looking to use fewer ingredients. One ingredient can play many roles in your product: moisturization, solubilization, pigment dispersion, and product protection.




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  "Create simple and smart formulations by using Multifunctionals in your formula whenever possible. Cut back on unnecessary ingredients while creating enjoyable and affordable products.
Formulate with less, formulate better!"

-Dr. Sabrina Behnke, Senior Global Product Manager, Cosmetic Ingredients