When advanced sustainable initiative meets excellence in science

Symrise Amazon


Symrise has long been known for its unique expertise in analytical chemistry allowing an approach of nature characterized by its degree of precision and thorough substantiation.  Another and nonetheless important trait of Symrise’s relation to nature is its determination to develop backward integration. For Symrise this means a deeper and stronger relationship to the ecosystems and cultures it is collaborating with.

In Brazil Symrise opened a new site for research, development and the manufacturing of sustainable ingredients from the Amazon region.

The project has given birth to a new holistic concept promoting and incorporating principles of ecological industrialization throughout the entire value chain. Above and foremost it puts an unprecedented focus on collaboration with local communities and environmental aspects.

Through this ambitious initiative, Symrise will help to promote the economic and social development of communities and directly support more than 2,000 families from the Amazon region. 

The facility itself uses garden filters to treat effluents, collects rainwater, applies geothermal technology for air conditioning, and makes use of other sustainable processes.

Within the facility, Symrise is exploring, developing and manufacturing high-quality products from indigenous resources.