POMEGRANATE - Beautiful Color, a Crown & Delight

Beautiful Color, a Crown & Delight

Pomegranate is an ancient fruit that is steeped in history and carries many meanings and symbols in different regions, cultures and tradit.. more
Hair Care Market Review

Hair Care Market Review

The global hair care market is undergoing constant change. Consumer preferences shift to more natural and safer products that at the same .. more
SymBotanics™ - A New Visual Identity for Botanicals

A New Visual Identity for Botanicals

This brand-new brochure describes our new visual and strategic identity for Botanicals. SymBotanics™ is a concept beyond just a portfolio .. more
SymHair® Shape & Color

SymHair® Shape & Color
Frizz Control & Color Protection

Hair has an almost immeasurable importance for beauty; it represents personality, phases of life and identity. We change our hair dependin.. more
HEMP - Blissful Beauty

Blissful Beauty

Hemp is one of the many varieties of the cannabis sativa plant species. It is one of the fastest growing plants and was one of the first p.. more

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Symrise is Germany’s most sustainable large corporation

Symrise’s consistent commitment to sustainability was awarded first place in the category “Germany’s most sustainable large corporations 2019.” In addition to Symrise’s commitment to climate protection, the decisive factors were mainly its efforts to preserve biodiversity and to support the living conditions of small-scale farmers along the supply chain who consistently meet the highest ecological and social standards. After receiving an award in 2012 and being a finalist in 2016, Symrise has now received the coveted prize for a second time.


A sustainable multi-tasking cosmetic ingredient: Hydrolite® 5 green

The new generations are making big leaps toward a greener and more sustainable future and the green/natural movement has long entered the personal care and cosmetics market. Symrise, with a long heritage in 1,2-alkanediols has now launched a 100% bio-based version of pentylene glycol, Hydrolite® 5 green, produced from sugar cane. Pentylene glycol is classified as a multifunctional ingredient with many benefits like moisturization, enhancing the performance of active ingredients, and supporting product protection. This article has been published in SPC October 2018.



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