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Tropical places like Fiji, Hawaii, Thailand, French Polynesia and others inspire people around the world with the wonders of the tropical .. more
Discover our Highlights @ in-cosmetics in Amsterdam

Discover our
@ in-cosmetics
in Amsterdam

From natural raw materials to carefully produced chemicals, we are constantly working to make our supply chain as secure and sustainable a.. more
Reishi Mushroom - The Next Superfood?

Reishi Mushroom
Superfood for Skin?

Consumers are buzzing about functional mushrooms! Medicinal mushrooms are adaptogens, a category of food and substances that have a re-bal.. more
Fresh & Clean - Ideal for Bar Soap

Fresh & Clean
Ideal for Bar Soap

Today’s consumer want to feel fresh and clean, if possible, all day long. They want to have the cooling properties they know from Menthol .. more
Modern Product PROTECTION

Modern Product PROTECTION

Symrise is a pioneer and leading supplier of modern antimicrobial solutions in the fields of preservatives and multifunctionals. Throu.. more

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SymControl™ Care: Marine Ingredient Helps Oily and Sensitive Skin

SymControl Care square

Day after day, our skin is subjected to countless internal and external influences, also known as the exposome. Diet, stress, dirt and ultraviolet rays are some of these factors, which can often lead to irritations in sensitive or oily skin. With SymControl™ Care, Symrise offers an active ingredient that regulates the skin’s sebum production and strengthens the skin barrier.


Hydrolite® 5: Symrise Celebrates 25th Anniversary

H5 anniversary

Symrise introduced the cosmetic raw material Hydrolite® 5 back in 1992. Hydrolite® 5 is pentylene glycol, a 1,2-alkanediol that revolutionized the market of cosmetic ingredients. The versatile substance is well suited for a broad use in cosmetic products.



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