Reishi Mushroom - The Next Superfood?

Reishi Mushroom
The Next Superfood?

Consumers are buzzing about functional mushrooms! Medicinal mushrooms are adaptogens, a category of food and substances that have a re-bal.. more
LAGOM - Trend Alert

Trend Alert

The Swedish Lagom encourages people of finding ways of living that are not too much and not too little. Just right. Lagom, this art of b.. more
Fresh & Clean - Ideal for Bar Soap

Fresh & Clean
Ideal for Bar Soap

Today’s consumer want to feel fresh and clean, if possible, all day long. They want to have the cooling properties they know from Menthol .. more
The Rise of Exciting DRAGONFRUIT

The Rise of Exciting

The Dragonfruit, also known as Pitaya, is a real cosmopolitan. Native to Central and South America, it is commonly cultivated and naturali.. more
Modern Product PROTECTION

Modern Product PROTECTION

Symrise is a pioneer and leading supplier of modern antimicrobial solutions in the fields of preservatives and multifunctionals. Throu.. more

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Symrise Launches Cosmetic Ingredient for Modern Personal Hygiene

Label SymGuard 1

In its search for alternatives to organohalogen actives, Symrise developed SymGuard® CD, a safe, skin and environmentally friendly ingredient. It is an effective alternative to triclosan and triclocarban which are increasingly being removed from many cosmetic applications due to diverse reasons.


Thermolat® – A Feeling Like Gentle and Warm Sunshine on the Skin

Thermolat ws1

Symrise has developed the sensory ingredient Thermolat® for easy use in a wide range of skin care products like creams, gels and balms and it is readily available to cosmetic formulators. The innovative active complex stands out by providing pleasant, relaxing and long- lasting effects without feelings of stinging or burning to create a comfortable feeling like gentle warm sunshine on the skin.


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