Brand New SUN CARE Market Review

Brand New SUN CARE Market Review

Summer has hit the ground running and just in time we have released our latest overview about the exciting and fast moving sun care market.. more
STINGING NETTLEThe Queen of Traditional Plant Medicine

STINGING NETTLE<br/>The Queen of Traditional Plant Medicine

Stinging nettle has been used since ancient times and its use dates back to the 3rd century BC, when the juice of nettles was prescribed f.. more
HAIR EXPOSOMEScalp & Hair Solutions

HAIR EXPOSOME<br/>Scalp & Hair Solutions

Hair Exposome is defined as a set of external and internal factors and their interactions, that provoke a somatic response related to the .. more
SymReboot™ L19 - The First Processed Probiotic with Full Structural Efficacy

SymReboot™ L19
The First Processed Probiotic with Full Structural Efficacy

Hydrolite® 5 green100% Bio-based Carbon Pentylene Glycol

Hydrolite® 5 green<br/>100% Bio-based Carbon Pentylene Glycol

As a pioneer to introduce straight chain 1,2-alkanediols in the personal care market, Symrise launched Hydrolite<sup>®</sup> 5 in 1992, br.. more

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Interview with Norbert Kahmann Master Specialist Strategic Kosher / Halal Officer

Due to the globally increasing number of Muslims and the new Halal requirements from the Muslim countries, we are recording a large growth in Halal certification. Whereas in the past the synonym “vegan or natural” was used to “ presume “ Halal suitability”, in the future this will be ensured by certification. Symrise faced this challenge at an early stage and implemented it for its “affected” customers. Symrise has been offering Halal-certified cosmetic raw materials for many years. Today, more than 400 products in our Holzminden production facility alone are Halal-certified for cosmetics. This interview was conducted by SOFW7days - The Weekly Newsletter for Home & Personal Care Industry in April 2019.


Symrise acquires Italian biotech company Cutech

Symrise has signed a contract to acquire the Italian biotech company Cutech in Padua. The enterprise offers unique pre-clinical screening services for cosmetic ingredients and finished formulations. The purchase will expand the expertise of Symrise in the efficacy testing of cosmetic ingredients and open new opportunities for collaboration with partners from scientific institutions. It will also increase the go-to-market speed for novel active ingredients.



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