PEACH A Beautiful Delight

A Beautiful Delight

Peaches are deeply symbolic in Ancient cultures and represent longevity, happiness, renewal and hope. Nearly all parts of the tree are use.. more
Trend Alert: Mythical Creatures Bring Brightness & Happiness

Trend Alert:
Mythical Creatures Bring
Brightness & Happiness

As our world seems to get more and more crazy, many feel the urge to escape from reality. Colorful and mythical imaginary creatures like m.. more
AMLA Power - A Secret Indian Superfruit

AMLA Power
A Secret Indian Superfruit

Amla, native to India, is the fruit of a medium-sized tree, found largely in the sub-tropical mountainous regions of South and Southeast A.. more

Trend Alert

Tropical places like Fiji, Hawaii, Thailand, French Polynesia and others inspire people around the world with the wonders of the tropical .. more
Modern Product PROTECTION

Modern Product PROTECTION

Symrise is a pioneer and leading supplier of modern antimicrobial solutions in the fields of preservatives and multifunctionals. Throu.. more

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BSB acknowledges Symrise Products SymGuard® CD and SymControl™ Care with Innovation Awards

BSB awards 2018

In 2018, two Symrise developments were awarded with the renowned BSB Innovation Prize: The multifunctional active dedicated to personal hygiene SymGuard® CD reached the first place in the category “Most Innovative Raw Materials – Functionals.” The ingredient SymControl™ Care won second place in the category “Most Innovative Raw Materials – Actives.” The prizes attest the Holzminden-based company a leading position in the creation and development of cosmetic ingredients.


SymVital® AgeRepair 3040 – Perfect Skin Beautifier – 100% Pure Ginger Power


SymVital® AgeRepair 3040, is a concentrated and standardized ginger root extract obtained by ecofriendly natural carbon dioxide extraction process. This 100 % solvent-free and pure active ingredient protects stem cells, the source of skin vitality, and boosts the natural capacity of the skin to self-repair. Oil-soluble ingredient, it is easy to formulate and improves skin tone, radiance and homogeneity and enhances skin smoothness in three weeks. It also repairs sun-induced damages in two weeks and protects against air-pollution and environment-induced damages.



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