SymHair® Shape & Color

SymHair® Shape & Color
Frizz Control & Color Protection

Hair has an almost immeasurable importance for beauty; it represents personality, phases of life and identity. We change our hair dependin.. more
Modern Product Protection for High SPF Sunscreen

Modern Product Protection
for High SPF Sunscreen

Protecting skin from the sun’s rays is a significant challenge but formulators face an even more difficult challenge while formulating sun.. more
ANGELICA Root - Crazy Rich Asian Botanical

Crazy Rich Asian Botanical

Next to Panax ginseng, the root of Chinese Angelica, or Dang Gui, is undoubtedly the most honored and respected herb in Traditional Chines.. more
Dragosantol® 100 The Eco-friendly & Purest Nature-Identical Bisabolol

Dragosantol® 100
The Eco-friendly & Purest Nature-Identical Bisabolol

Natural (-)-α-Bisabolol is used for decades in cosmetics to soothe the skin and reduce redness. Clearly committed to preserve natural sour.. more
Nourishing & Versatile RICE

Nourishing & Versatile RICE
Gluten-free Cereal Grain

From an early history rice has spread and is now grown on all continents except Antarctica. Half the world's population subsists wholly or.. more

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HALAL Ingredients for Cosmetics

Symrise offers more than 200 ingredients for cosmetics that comply with Islamic law
The Arabic word HALAL can be translated as “permitted” or “lawful” and refers to all things and actions that are permitted under Islamic law. Symrise as a global supplier of cosmetic ingredients understands the specific equirements of the growing Islamic population and provides a comprehensive palette of HALAL-certified products.


Hydrolite® 5 green – Multifunctional Cosmetic Ingredient From Renewable Source

25 years after the launch of Hydrolite® 5, Symrise is now releasing its natural-derived version, Hydrolite® 5 green into the market. The company will present the multifunctional ingredient to the public at in-cosmetics Latin America in São Paulo on September 19 and 20, 2018. Hydrolite® 5 green is manufactured using a raw material, which is a by-product of sugar production derived from sugar cane and meets the COSMOS-standard



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