Preservation of wipes

Symrise introduces Wipes Smart


The consumer market calls for modern, more responsible products. Wipes are no exception. However, wipes face even tougher challenges when it comes to preservation. As a global leader in the area of product protection solutions for contemporary consumers, Symrise introduces Wipes Smart: Unique Solutions to protect wipes from microbial contamination while simplifying the complexities of formulating.


Addressing new challenges

Wipes are increasingly expected to be flushable and biodegradable with minimal environmental impact. Wipes are no longer just used for cleansing purposes, but also for acne treatments, newborns, facial care and sun protection.  They must be both effective and gentle.


Accessing a comprehensive toolbox

Industry players show a clear tendency to formulate with the optimal combinations of preservatives, organic acids, other milder preservatives and multifunctional ingredients. Symrise offers a comprehensive palette of truly multifunctional molecules along with the advantage of years of formulation expertise. Our technical assistance service helps you choose the best combination for your specific formula to provide the perfect balance of efficacy, safety and environmental impact.

All our product protection solutions comply with regulations in US, Europe, China and Japan.

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