Living in the city…
Bringing skin defense to a new level

A leading supplier of innovative solutions for sensitive skin and UV protection, Symrise devote special attention to the preservation of skin balance in aggressive environments. As megalopolis spread all over the world, adapting to the urban environment becomes a priority. After a 5-year research program, Symrise is bringing a completely novel addition to the anti-pollution cosmetic arsenal and widens the skin protection spectrum.


As consumer awareness regarding the direct effects of atmospheric pollution on their skin has been growing every year around the world, the protection solutions available in the industry have been limited to anti-oxidant strategies and skin coating polymers. Whereas the first ones ignore the specific pathways of Particulate Matters (PM) and Polycyclic Aromatic Hydrocarbons(PAHs), the second ones are not 100% PM proof. Now Symrise is bringing a genuine game changer.

SymUrban®, is the first cosmetic ingredient capable of neutralizing the disruptive effects of PM and PAHs. This introduction relies on a series of major breakthroughs.

  1. How PM get to the skin: a new pathway revealed
    Inspired by the first major epidemiological study establishing a link between particulate pollution and skin ageing, Symrise research has discovered the pathway through which PM adulterate cells' functions.

  2. Neutralizing the effects of PM:a patented innovation breakthrough
    Based on these findings, Symrise has engineered SymUrban®, a new ingredient capable of helping preserve the skin against the harmful effects directly induced by PM : collagen degradation, melanin over-stimulation and inflammation processes.

  3. Substantiating the efficacy against actual PM : an original evaluation model
    Understanding the precise mechanism through which PM affect the skin has also lead to the design of a unique evaluation protocol involving standardized particles (including particles smaller than PM 2.5) and specific markers – offering an objective and reliable framework for assessing the efficacy of anti-pollution actives.


Symrise Cosmetic Ingredients offers a portfolio with advanced actives allowing the design of original skin defense strategies, among those:

  • Dragosine®: global protection against sun rays beyond UV
  • Ingredients with anti-air-pollution features: SymVital® AR 3040 & SymFinity® 1298 significantly reduce diesel exhaust particle-induced up-regulation of markers for inflammation and pigmentation for a perfect and even tone
  • Enhancing the skin barrier function: SymRepair® 100
  • UV filters: Neo Heliopan® range