Living in the city…
Preserving Skin Radiance Naturally

Living in the city… Preserving Skin Radiance Naturally

In the early 2010s a major epidemiological study has established the connection between particulate pollution and the appearance of dark spots. Based on these findings, not only Symrise discovered the pathway through which PM alter skin functions, but Symrise also designed a unique evaluation model involving standardized particles (including particles smaller than PM 2.5) and specific markers – thus offering an objective and reliable framework for assessing the efficacy of anti-pollution actives.

Access natural China-approved solutions

Using this unique evaluation protocol, two Symrise advanced actives have shown an efficient ability to also reduce diesel exhaust particle-induced up-regulation of specific inflammation and pigmentation markers – thus helping to preserve a perfect and even skin tone.

» SymVital® AR 3040 (enriched extract from Ginger root) skin tone and texture beautifier
» SymFinity® 1298 (pure extract from Coneflower herbs) anti-inflammaging

Designing efficient Urban Defense strategies

Symrise Cosmetic Ingredients offers a portfolio with advanced actives allowing the design of original skin defense strategies, among those: