Hydrolite® 5 green


Hydrolite® 5 green, a true multifunctional


Invested to fulfill consumers’ expectation of simplicity combining science and nature, Symrise created the next generation of sustainable pentylene glycol, Hydrolite® 5 green. It is made by a patented process from bagasse, a by-product coming from sugar cane, ethically and responsibly sourced.
Key features of Hydrolite® 5 green:
- 100% bio-based carbon
- COSMOS approved
- Naturalness Index: 1
- Origin: sugar cane
- Using the bagasse (a by-product of sugar production)
In the context of increasing regulations, higher consumer expectations and escalating pressure on formulation cost, doing more with less is becoming an invitation to revisit the question of product protection - a perfect reason to discover (or rediscover), Hydrolite® 5 green, a versatile 1,2-alkanediol with a long history of safe use and truly global compliance - USA, Europe, Japan (including quasi-drugs) and China.


Hydrolite® 5 green is challenging the definition of multifunctionality with over 5 key features boosting product efficiency:
1. A bioavailability enhancer,
as Hydrolite® 5 green has been shown to boost the activity of both lipophilic and hydrophilic actives (ex-vivo study) 
2. A well known moisturizer,
due to the humectant properties of the molecule (in-vivo study)
3. A stability aid for oil-in-water emulsions,
that helps to reduce the particle size of emulsions, thus providing less coalescence and better stability.
4. An excellent solubilizer,
as Hydrolite® 5 green helps to solubilize many challenging ingredients, including fragrances. It can also be used to increase the clarity of translucent formulations like aqueous gels and toners.
3. A product protector,
as the molecule works synergistically with many preservatives, boosting their efficacy and thus helping to reduce their dose.

Hydrolite® 5 green also improves pigment dispersion, helps to get whiter and shinier emulsions, facilitates absorption on to the skin and enhances the efficacy of cooling agents.

All these properties delivered by a molecule stable at a wide pH range (3-12) and at high temperatures.

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