BOTANICALS - Our Portfolio of Plant Extracts for Cosmetics

The Beauty and Personal Care Industry is constantly looking for inspiring and beneficial natural ingredients. Symrise is a well-established global supplier of Botanicals with more than 60 years of experience in the industry. As a commitment to our heritage we strive ourselves to supply only ingredients of the highest standards in terms of quality, safety, documentation, stability, efficacy, traceability and of course, sustainability. For us "Made in Germany" means responsibility and incentive at the same time to be ahead of consumer and market needs and to be a reliable and trustworthy partner for our valuable customers worldwide. Learn more about our product ranges and collections:


Actipone® Where Proven Efficacy & Emotive Story Intertwine


Symrise offers a huge variety of Botanicals with proven efficacy, mainly in-vitro tested. Our in-house Botanicals research capabilities cover a wide range of screening facilities for cosmetic activities. Discover our offering:



Plants with anti-aging properties are in high demand. The assays we use to support anti-aging claims are confirming glutathione, sirtuin or collagen enhancement as well as MMP inhibition for plants like echinacea, rooibos, sweet cherry tree wood, or witch hazel.


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Antioxidant activities are basic requirements for plant extracts as nature is the most powerful source of these skin protecting compounds. We use ABTS, DPPH & DCF assays to confirm the antioxidant efficacy for many of our Botanicals.


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Sensitive skin is a global concern for the majority of consumers. For centuries soothing plants have been used to calm and relieve irritated skin. Thanks to IL-1α, COX-2 and PGE2 assays we can confirm soothing activities for more than 25 plants.


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The desire for an unblemished and even skin tone ranks very high in skin care users around the world as it is linked to a youthful and healthy look. Plants with proven brightening effects are e.g. lavender, bengkoang, sea buckthorn, rosemary or nutgrass.


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The quest for firming natural ingredients is ongoing and a number of plants are described in literature for anti-cellulite benefits. We can confirm firming effects for selected plants like orange flower, licorice or fennel using different assays.


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Hair Care

The plant kingdom provides a plethora of natural ingredients for hair care use. Thanks to our Global Hair Care Research Center in Brazil we are able to prove for many of our Botanicals a variety of benefits to make the hair look better.


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Extrapone® Choose from a Huge Variety of Botanical Inspirations


Extrapone® embody our enthusiasm for creativity. For us, in this category, the sky is the limit if it comes to developing the next exciting natural ingredient – be it exotic or classic, from the field next door or far away. Our Botanicals enable our customers to design inspiring and meaningful cosmetic products. We provide the ‘cherry on the top’ for innovative concepts in an easy-to-use format that makes the life of cosmetic marketers and formulators much easier. Get inspired by some examples for concepts:

AyurvedaGemstonesSuperfruitsArctic plantsMediterraneanTCM



OILS & BUTTERS Concentrated Valuable Plant Richness


The use of these valuable 100% pure ingredients brings fullness and softness to cosmetic formulations. Vegetable oils and butters are very popular natural ingredients and used primarily for their emollient and skin protectant, soothing and moisturizing properties. In hair care products they confer ease of combing, shaping and styling.


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Flowerpone® & Flowerconcentrole® 
Convey Flowery Messages for Sensual Beauty Care


From ancient times, mankind associates flowers with love, passion, mystery, fascination and eternal beauty. As an abundant source of inspiration and benefits, flowers have multiple facets from a deep trust to bewitching and sensual pleasures. The products in these ranges have been designed to capture the magical scent of delicate flowers to meliorate the performance and appearance of cosmetic products. Flowerpone® and Flowerconcentrole® contain concentrated lipophilic flower extracts that have a pleasant floral scent, which can help to improve the sensorial profile of finished products by unfolding their caring and fascinating aromas.



  • Designed for aqueous applications
  • Soluble in water and ethanol
  • Recommended dosage: 1-5%


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  • Designed for emulsions and oil formulations
  • Soluble in oil, glycols, emulsions, dispersible in water
  • Recommended dosage: 0.2-1%
  • Proven antioxidant properties (in-vitro tested)


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