Cranberry 360°

Cranberry 360°: a new concept of upcycling, exploring the full potential of the super berry, sustainably

As wellness is at the forefront of consumer minds, there has been an accelerated interest in whole foods and natural supplements. Cranberry has satisfied this interest by taking center stage in health products all over the world. With its outstanding composition of anthocyanins and organic acids, supported by over 1,500 scientific publications, it emerges as a protective and purifying super berry. This true American wonder – it is one of only three fruits native to North America – infuses its properties into juices, fruit mixes, power bars and capsules.

As a leading supplier of premium Cranberry nutraceuticals through its nutrition division, Symrise has initiated a sustainable program to unlock Cranberry’s full potential, exploring the native origin of Vaccinium macrocarpon Aiton with full traceability from North America.

Our 360° approach of global recycling by harnessing the entire fruit demonstrate that we can create value from every part of a plant. This holistic approach uses by-products obtained from discarded fruits that are not matching food standards.

We successfully managed the technical challenges of adjusting supply and processes to transform sustainably and value these by-products as cosmetic ingredients with proven efficacy on the skin:

  • The CRANBERRY POMACE, very rich in proanthocyanidins, is normally left aside. We use it to obtain a powder extract, our Neo Actipone® Cranberry CA. In vitro tests have shown very good ANTIOXIDANT AND SOOTHING results.

  • The CRANBERRY SEEDS, filtrated from the juice, are cold pressed to obtain Cranberry Oil CC, rich in oleic, linoleic, linolenic acids and tocopherols, has shown ANTIOXIDANT (in vitro) and COLLAGEN ENHANCEMENT (ex vivo) benefits.
  • Along the chain, the cranberry juice is also used to extract polyphenols, extraction from which there is a RESIDUAL WATER left aside, rich in organic acids (AHA) and sugars: our Actipone® Alpha Cranberry CA. This ingredient has demonstrated good SKIN REJUVENATION benefits thanks to cell renewal enhancement tests performed ex vivo on skin explants.


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