Dandruff-Control Ingredients

DANDRUFF CONTROL Simply Cleaner Scalp

Did you know there is a link between dandruff and increased activity of Malassezia species on scalp?
Dandruff is a harmless condition of the scalp, but flaking and itching require suitable products for relief. The good news is the symptoms of dandruff can be minimized. With Crinipan® AD, Symrise offers the well-established and highly reliable active, climbazole. With a long history of successful use in cosmetics, climbazole provides excellent protection from the main cause of dandruff, Malassezia species. As consumers are looking for greener solutions, Symrise has developed the next-generation technology, effective and safe for the scalp: Crinipan® PMC green.


Crinipan® PMC greenMicro-Activated Anti-Dandruff

INCI: Propanediol Caprylate

  • 100% green molecule (Natural Origin Index = 1)
  • Innovative mode of action: Malassezia auto-regulation
  • Comparable efficacy to the established anti-dandruff actives piroctone olamine and climbazole
  • Reduces sebum
  • Improves skin and scalp feel
  • Improves sensorial parameters in the hair from shampoo/conditioner use
  • Suitable for leave-on and rinse-off products
  • Suitable for transparent, colorless and pearlescent hair care products
  • Easy to process liquid product
  • Colorless to light yellow clear liquid with low odor
  • Soluble in alcohols and glycols; also soluble in cosmetic esters, vegetable oils, triglycerides and mineral oil
  • REACh registered, New INCI submitted for global registrations
  • COSMOS/Ecocert approved


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Crinipan® AD – Reliable and Well-Established

INCI: Climbazole

  • Synthetic compound
  • Long history of successful use as powerful ingredient
  • Acts specifically against the main cause of dandruff
  • Not listed as an active in the US FDA anti-dandruff monograph!
  • Suitable for both leave-on and rinse-off products
  • Suitable for transparent, colorless and pearlescent hair care products
  • Good compatibility with perfume oils and other commonly used hair care raw materials
  • White to light brown crystalline powder, characteristic odor - easy to mask
  • Soluble in ethanol, glycols, surfactants and certain perfume oils
  • China compliant


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Crinipan® ADS – Clean Skin & Scalp

 INCI: Phenoxyethanol, Climbazole, Decylene Glycol, 1,2-Hexanediol

  • Multifunctional cosmetic ingredient: Hygiene, dandruff control, preservation
  • Patented combination of Crinipan® AD with the broad spectrum preservative SymOcide® PS
  • Provides a clean skin feeling
  • Contains a powerful and established dandruff control active*
  • Broad spectrum preservative efficacy
  • Easy to use liquid blend (for cold processing)
  • Soluble in ethanol, glycols, surfactants, in common cosmetic oils and in certain perfume oils
  • Globally compliant (*not approved for anti-dandruff in US and Japan)


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From a European point of view; subject to differing legislation depending on the region: I.e. climbazole and propanediol caprylate are not approved as anti-dandruff actives by the US FDA drug monograph nor considered actives for such Japanese QD applications.



SymClariol® – Self-Confidence Enhancer

 INCI: Decylene Glycol

  • Multifunctional emollient for clean skin and scalp
  • Supports dandruff control concepts
  • Suitable for oily scalp
  • Soothes scalp
  • Helps to reduce sebum levels
  • Anti-microbial properties
  • Suitable for rinse-off and leave-on cosmetics
  • Off-white waxy solid with light characteristic odor
  • Soluble in some cosmetic esters, glycols and ethanol
  • China compliant solution for Scalp Care


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