FUNCTIONALS - Making the Indispensable Absolutely Irresistible


Symrise functionals, such as emulsifiers, emollients or solubilizers build the heart of cosmetic formulations.

The Symrise Functionals portfolio comprises high performance ingredients that form the backbone for the majority of cosmetic formulations. They are literally indispensable for the creation of safe and stable products and ensure that active ingredients can exhibit their full effectiveness.

Our profound expertise in Actives, UV, Micro Protection, Botanicals and Colors paired with many years of experience in formulation work, enables us to provide viable solutions for all kinds of textures and desired skin sensations.

Our customers benefit from our network of application labs all over the world. This gives us the capability to provide global formulation support respecting ethnic care and regional demands.



EMOLLIENTS – Provide Softness and Sensorial Highlights


Emollients play a key role in cosmetic products for the creation of different sensorial profiles.
Today consumers of cosmetic products are looking for non sticky and non-greasy skin care products to achieve or maintain a smooth and supple skin. They want to have cosmetics that quickly absorb and leave little to no residue. Emollients play an important role in the sensorial profile of an emulsion. In modern cosmetic products they are characterized by their smoothing and softening effects to the skin. Depending on parameters like spreadability, polarity, viscosity and volatility, the skin feel of an emulsion can be adapted.


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EMULSIFIERS – Guarantee Stable Formulations and Pleasant Skin Feel


A widely-used type of personal care formulations are emulsions found in skin care, sun care, body care and color cosmetics. Emulsifiers are the most important ingredients in order to guarantee stable emulsions.

Beyond this basic requirement, emulsifiers have a remarkable influence on the sensorial skin feel depending on their composition and the way they are formulated. By changing the emulsifier, the formulator can tailor attributes like texture, appearance, pick-up and the distribution of an emulsion. All these attributes have an impact, especially on the initial skin feel. Following the needs of our customers, we have recently expanded our portfolio with COSMOS approved ingredients.


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 SOLUBILIZERS – Dissolve Solubilizing Issues in Aqueous Based Formulations


The proper incorporation of oil-soluble actives or botanicals is key for their performance. Achieving a clear formulation can become a challenge when formulating aqueous or hydroalcoholic products. Solubilization of fragrances in aqueous based cosmetic products is a prerequisite for a stable formulation. Symrise solubilizers are optimized blends of amphiphilic substances giving synergistic solubilizing efficacy. The development of these blends benefits from our in-house expertise in Actives, Botanicals, Sun Protection and Fragrances.


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