Green 1,2-Alkanediols - Complete range

  Green 1,2-Alkanediols - Complete range


With the recent launches of Hydrolite® 6 green and
SymDiol® 68 green, Symrise is now offering a complete
range of 100%  green 1,2-alkanediols!


The first and only complete range of green alkanediols on the cosmetic market produced by Symrise’s proprietary technology.


Green 1,2-Alkanediols - Complete range


These COSMOS and NATRUE approved multifunctionals offer multiple benefits to meet consumers’ and formulators’ demands and are perfectly suited for both traditional and natural/green cosmetic formulations.





1,2-alkanediols and blend


green carbon content


on the cosmetics market




"With a strong commitment to innovation and sustainability, we now
offer a wide range of high quality green multifunctional alternatives to
conventional ingredients in order to meet the needs of our customers
and consumers.”

-Dr. Balint Koroskenyi, Senior Global Product Manager, Cosmetic Ingredients