Hydrolite® 8 green – Uncompromised Efficacy

   Hydrolite® 8 green – Uncompromised Efficacy


BRAND NEW: A high quality 100% bio-based
caprylyl glycol makes your formulas more
sustainable while delivering multiple benefits!

Hydrolite® 8 green demonstrates the latest milestone in the innovation of green multifunctional ingredients.

The first high quality green neat caprylyl glycol on the cosmetic market comes from 100% bio-based sources and is produced by Symrise’s proprietary technology.


This USDA Biobased certified, COSMOS and NATRUE approved multifunctional offers multiple benefits for both consumers and formulators and is perfectly suited for both traditional and natural/green cosmetic formulations.




personal care products
launched with
caprylyl glycol*


skin care products
launched contain
caprylyl glycol*


 consumers are ready to
pay more for sustainably
sourced ingredients


 “Our commitment to innovation, sustainability, and to the evolving
needs of customers and consumers is well known in the industry. We
are proud to introduce this new member of our range of high quality
alkanediols, and multifunctionals in general.”

-Dr. Balint Koroskenyi, Global Product Manager, Cosmetic Ingredients


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*Source: Mintel, global launches between 2017-2021