Less is More

  Less is more



Hydrolite® 5 green: the power of multifunctionality for a unique sensorial experience




It is all about consuming less to consume better: quality over quantity!

When talking about quality, efficacy is one of the key criteria to evaluate a product.

To address formulation challenges, Hydrolite® 5 green has been tested versus short chain alkanediols, such as Propanediol, Butylene Glycol, Isopentyldiol and has demonstrated superior benefits especially for:




Particle size
in emulsion




of caffeine



Whitening effect



  "Today’s consumers want to understand the importance of each ingredient in their cosmetic product. They are looking for quality and efficacy. Our multifunctionals are the perfect answer to fulfill their expectations by bringing multiple sensorial benefits to the formula."

-Marie Bourgeay, Global Product Manager, Cosmetic Ingredients-