Multifunctionals & the Healthy Skin Microbiome

  Multifunctionals & the healthy skin microbiome


Maintain the diverse microbial population on skin
& prevent microbial proliferation in personal care product


Symrise performed in vivo studies & microbiome analysis to evaluate the effect of various multifunctionals on the skin microbiome and the results are conclusive.


Formulations containing combination of:



   Hydrolite® 5 green    


   Hydrolite® 6    

     SymSave® H     +     

   Hydrolite® 7 green    


   Hydrolite® CG


   Hydrolex™ E


respect the healthy skin microbiome!



4 weeks

of daily product application

>20 panelists

 enrolled in the study


 “As the leading supplier in modern Product Protection,
we are continuously challenging our ingredients to push their limits
by exploring new benefits. Multifunctionals enhance product protection
while maintaining a healthy skin microbiome!”

-Marie Bourgeay, Global Product Manager, Cosmetic Ingredients


For more details check our SymProBiome plateform!