Multifunctionality in Skin Protection

  Multifunctionality in Skin Protection




Our modern Skin Protection portfolio features Deodorants, Dandruff Control and Hygiene. These ingredients are used for their performance on the skin i.e. to prevent body odor. Did you know all three sub-categories are based on an anti-microbial mode of action? Thus our Skin Protection portfolio will also help to protect your product.


Crinipan® ADS

SymGuard® CD

SymDeo® Plus

Clean Skin & Scalp

Modern Hygiene
Cost Effective
Synergistic Complex
 features the anti-fungal
is a liquid version of
is a phenoxyethanol
based deodorant complex


  "When creating modern cosmetic formulations we should keep in mind the multifunctional nature of our ingredients. Adding an active to support the products efficacy on skin may also have a supportive effect on the anti-microbial performance in terms of product protection, allowing to reduce the load of other preservatives.”

-Dr. Florian Genrich, Senior Global Product Manager, Cosmetic Ingredients