Product Protection

PRODUCT PROTECTION - Always a Step Ahead


All beauty products require safe and effective protection against microbial contamination.

With safe preservatives and versatile multifunctionals, we deliver cutting-edge solutions that fulfill our customers’ formulation needs.


More regulations, higher consumer expectations and rising pressure on formulation costs: The question of product protection is increasingly focused on how to deliver more with less. 

We have been innovation leaders in the area of modern product rotection of cosmetic products for over a decade now, and have developed a comprehensive toolbox of specifically tailored ingredients. We work closely with our customers to find the optimum preservative system for their diverse formulations.

Find out more about our solutions for Product Protection in the areas of Preservatives & Multifunctionals


Preservatives: Indispensable Protection

Preservatives are an integral part of cosmetic formulations and consumer safety. By preventing microbial contamination, they not only protect the freshness of your product, but also  keep consumers safe from harmful microorganisms.

In a world of changing consumer expectations, market trends, individual company policies and updated regulations, formulators need to be increasingly creative by using innovative antimicrobial ingredients and combinations to provide safe and effective products. Symrise offers a full range of unique molecules and synergistic combinations within the SymOcide® portfolio to preserve cosmetic products.


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Multifunctionals: The Power of Synergy

Multifunctional ingredients offer an innovative solution, keeping cosmetic products safe and stable, while at the same time reducing the dose of ‘traditional’ preservatives. With primary properties such as moisturizing, antioxidant or solubilizing, these ingredients also enhance the product protection properties of formulations.

Despite a strong demand, only a few ingredients that help provide product protection have been launched during the last 20 years. Symrise is a pioneer in this area: In 1992, we launched the first straight-chain 1,2-Alkanediol (Hydrolite® 5) in the cosmetic market and since then have continued to innovate in the world of multifunctionals with molecules such as methylbenzyl alcohol (SymTriol®) and hydroxyacetophenone (SymSave® H), a nature-identical antioxidant that helps product protection. Brand new in this category: Hydrolite® 5 green, sustainably produced from sugar cane.


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