Preservative blends with SymSave® H

   Preservative blends with SymSave® H


Broad spectrum, liquid preservative blends
with antioxidant properties


In recent years, SymSave® H has consistently grown in popularity as a modern product protection ingredient that is safe and effective. Most importantly, SymSave® H works synergistically with preservatives, providing superior efficacy against yeasts and molds. This makes the ingredient a perfect candidate for broad-spectrum preservative blends. Benefits for the formulator include:

  • Liquid -> easy to use
  • Broad spectrum -> one solution does it all!
  • The power of SymSave® H -> antioxidant capabilities for skin and formula



       105% CAGR*      

Compound Annual Growth Rate
of formulations containing
SymSave® H between 2015-2020

3 perfect options

SymSave® H
SymOcide® BHO
SymOcide® PH



“Protection of the skin from free radicals and protection of the
formulation from degradation (SymSave® H stabilizes fragrances!) and
contamination can be achieved with convenient broad-spectrum blends.
These blends give our customers the option to choose the right solution:
A benzyl alcohol based blend, a phenoxyethanol based blend, or simply
choosing the pure version. ”

-Dr. Sabrina Behnke, Senior Global Product Manager, Cosmetic Ingredients