SymSave® H Celebrating its 10th Anniversary!

  SymSave® H
Celebrating its 10th Anniversary!


In 2013, Symrise revolutionized the personal care market with the discovery of
the use of Hydroxyacetophenone as an enhancer of the product protection
system. Inspired from nature, this unique multifunctional solution remains the
top choice of the cosmetics market by answering current quest of minimalism,
sustainability & transparency.




since SymSave® H was discovered


on the skin microbiome


 CAGR of the number of
containing SymSave® H
since 2014




 “Hydroxyacetophenone is a true power tool: it is a broad spectrum product
protection enhancer uniquely positioned for all kind of application! Its
compatibility and versatility make it suitable for a variety of smart
combinations with preservatives or other multifunctionals in modern product
protection systems. Its strong antioxidant property sets it apart from other
multifunctionals . It’s also a soothing agent, providing a distinct unique
benefit even for sensitive skin applications. Hydroxyacetophenone is an ideal
solution for personal care!”

Sabrina Mizaël , Senior Product Manager, Cosmetic Ingredients




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