Symshield® & pH

  Symshield® & Chelating Agents


Multifunctionals and chelating agents in combination
empower product protection systems!


Multifunctional ingredients enhance product protection and can be supported in this function when combined with various physical and/or chemical factors, such as chelating agents.

Chelating agents can contribute to inhibiting microbial growth by more than one mechanism. Depending on the pH, they can strongly bind metal ions or act as acids.

 - Bind metal: disrupts enzyme activity in the cell wall of microorganisms

 - Acid behavior: leads to protonation of cell components.

The combination of multifunctionals with chelating agents may result in a more robust product protection, potentially even at lower use levels.




The number of launches
with chelating agents
increased by


in the past 5 years

Of all cosmetic
products launched
in the past 5 years,


contained chelating agents

Chelating agents are an
effective hurdle at a use
level as little as


in a formulation





"Chelating agents are commonly used in cosmetics to increase the stability
of the formulation via metal chelation. They are also well equipped to
support the product protection system”

-Dr. Balint Koroskenyi, Senior Global Product Manager, Cosmetic Ingredients



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