Symshield™ - Multifunctionals empowered

  Symshield® - Multifunctionals empowered


Symrise’s new technology platform optimizes the
product protection performance of multifunctionals


The combination of multifunctional ingredients with other ingredients & conditions can provide more powerful product protection.

Symrise’s Symshield® technology explores chemical and physical factors that can optimize and enhance the product protection performance of multifunctionals.

The technology allows formulators to maximize the power of multifunctionals and use them more effectively and at lower concentrations in their products.



105% CAGR*

of formulations
containing SymSave® H
between 2015-2020

17% CAGR*

of formulations
containing alkanediols
between 2015-2020



 Lower use level can
achieve similar efficacy
under optimized conditions




"The Symshield® technology platform seeks ways
to make the already very effective product protection
enhancing multifunctional ingredients even more powerful
by identifying optimum conditions.”

-Dr. Balint Koroskenyi, Global Product Manager, Cosmetic Ingredients



* Compound Annual Growth Rate, Source: Mintel