Symshield® - Perfect Partnership

  Symshield® - Perfect Partnership


Multifunctionals and organic acids form a perfect
partnership for optimal product protection


Symshield® technology explores chemical and physical conditions that can optimize and empower the product protection performance of multifunctionals.

Multifunctional ingredients offer effective, versatile, and safe solutions to support Modern Product Protection. They are perfectly suited for smart combinations in almost all formulation types. By combining them with organic acids, powerful broad spectrum protection is readily achieved.





organic acids are
registered preservatives,
According to Annex V of
the EU Council Directiv,


pH values and
lower are suitable
for the use of
organic acids


use levels can provide
complete protection when
combined with





"Organic acids and multifunctionals form an ideal combination in order to
provide versatile and powerful broad spectrum protection.”

-Dr. Balint Koroskenyi, Senior Global Product Manager, Cosmetic Ingredients



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