Skin Actives - Exploring Bio-Intelligence for Adaptive Beauty

SKIN ACTIVES - Exploring Bio-Intelligence for Adaptive Beauty


Nature-inspired & science-driven innovations since 1980: Symrise is a leading supplier of cosmetic active ingredients for the personal care industry.
Thanks to our long-standing experience in innovative Research & Development with the support from our Scientific Advisory Board, we’ve built up a global portfolio of innovative & effective ingredients with consumer perceivable benefits backed by clinical studies. We don't promise efficacy, we prove it!

Well-Aging & Exposome, Skin Pigmentation, Soothing, Caring & Strengthening, Sebum & Pores, Freshness & Warming and Skin Firming ingredients come seamlessly through this culture of innovation, focused on addressing the latest discoveries in skin science and consumer desires.



WELL-AGING & EXPOSOME – Thinking the skin as an interactive structure


In-depth research is the backbone for our comprehensive portfolio of well-aging & exposome ingredients to provide the cosmetic industry with products that are highly effective and substantiated by clinical data.
Carefully, exploring skin responses to external and internal stimuli helps to unlock the fundamentals of skin health and youthful appearance in a most dynamic way.

As an early adopter of the exposome concept, Symrise has been the source of avant-garde innovations targeting the effects of pollution, infrared, UV and visible light rays. Today, we have built up a comprehensive and holistic ingredients portfolio where pro-youth, well-aging and environmental protection are intimately intertwined.


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SKIN PIGMENTATION – Exploring the paths of radiance for a healthy glow


Time has come to take a new look on pigmentation disorders that need to be handled as a complex of the exposome!

As an expert in sun protection and a pioneer explorer of the exposome impact, Symrise is developing novel solutions to dark spots now perceived as the new wrinkles.

Skin brightening has come a long way from the basic ‘whitening’ to one of the most successful areas of beauty answering today’s consumer needs: a healthy & illuminated skin glow.  Our portfolio features outstanding brighteners addressing melanin beyond UV rays like our blockbusters SymRadiance™ 377 & SymBright® 2036.

The upshot of this expertise is that Symrise has also been able to develop a natural tan enhancer for a healthy sun-kissed glow: SymBronze® 1659.

Our latest ingredient under skin pigmentation, Supervisome EPH is a 100% natural proteome supervisor preserving epidermal function through the promotion of small HSPs (Heat Shock Proteins) for a healthy & radiant skin!


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SKIN SOOTHING – Balancing skin responses


As a specialist of skin discomfort and fragility for over 40 years, we have been among the firsts to acknowledge sensitivity as a specific state of the skin.

Our portfolio of soothing actives was originally based on the established expertise in the design of pure molecules – including the purest synthetic bisabolol or advanced solutions in the field of Oat Avenanthramides.

Now, it extends to a wide range of ingredients from itching to skin microbiome with our latest innovation: SymReboot™ range - probiotic-based ingredients & to stress relief with SymDStress™, the holistic CBD solutions.


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CARING & STRENGTHENING – The two sides of moisturization


While caring for the skin from outside & inside is essential to maximize its moisture and improve its ability to retain water…

… Strengthening the skin barrier is key to minimize water permeability & restore skin’s natural defenses.

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FRESHNESS & WARMING – Elevating consumer experiences


Thanks to our broad capabilities in sensorial & emotional evaluation, our range of ingredients can be used to transform consumer experience, creating intense emotions thus contributing to stronger brand loyalty!



Traditionally, menthols are the most well-known physiological coolants, and we’ve been producing market-leading menthol products for over four decades now.

Our established Frescolat® range provides a pleasant, stimulating and refreshing sensation to the skin without the sometimes unwanted smell of menthol.



We deliver warmth with care to a wide range of cosmetic products, bringing pleasant and relaxing benefits. Thermolat® is a great ingredient to provide a feeling of warmth and relaxation for cosmetic formulations.

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SEBUM  & PORES – Health & comfort for oily skin


Symrise has broadly investigated the phenomenon of oily skin and provides avant-garde ingredient to address the main concerns of oily skin consumers (sensitivity, shininess, clogged pores,…).

Derived from our expertise in sensitive skin, SymControl® Care is a blue biotech active that integrates the sensitivity factor in oil control solutions.


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SKIN FIRMING – For a great silhouette


Our skin firming solutions work to address key consumer concerns around cellulite.

Thanks to a revolutionary approach that goes beyond traditional slimming solutions we developed our SymFit® range. The Skin Firming portfolio is complemented by Sym3D® a sophisticated skin plumping ingredient.


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